Procurement and Expediting

Doyon Anvil provides full Procurement services to our clients in the the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska’s North Slope. We work with clients to determine the procurement strategy that best suits their organizations. We have purchased materials directly, acted as agent, or supported owner purchasing departments.  Our team can handle all procurement activities and work with all stakeholders to ensure that all materials are purchased and delivered on schedule.

Doyon Anvil’s Procurement Group provides a variety of services to our clients from supplier selection through final payment, ensuring a cost competitiveness material supply to support your project.  Our services are designed to provide project savings, purchase complex equipment, bring innovative ways to improve or sustain deliveries, manage inspection at suppliers’ facilities, and coordinate transportation/logistics.

Our team of experienced professionals is focused on meeting client project requirements. We provide timely and current Procurement status reports to ensure equipment is being purchased and delivered on schedule.  Our long-standing relationships with equipment suppliers ensure purchasing power to support schedule-driven projects. And, we coordinate with our Quality Management Services Group to ensure quality results at our suppliers’ equipment fabrication facilities.

Our team provides the following services:

  • Dedicated procurement team to support all project procurement requirements on an as-needed basis
  • Global resources, market knowledge, and experience in purchasing equipment and materials
  • Full-service Project Procurement support from very large, complex engineered capital equipment to engineered structural steel, piping, electrical and instrumentation items, and start-up materials
  • Request for quotes and purchase orders developed with our in-house system or within our clients’ Purchasing and Materials Management systems
  • Expediting services – from order placement through receiving to ensure the schedule is maintained
  • Transportation and Logistics Management, including specifying export packaging and monitoring shipment for timely delivery
  • Material coordination, including storage requirements, warehouse and laydown yard planning, and delivery sequencing of fabricated items to minimize storage duration and requirements
  • Procedures for working receipt exceptions and assisting in resolving U, O, S, and D (unsatisfactory, over, short, damaged) issues