Process Engineering

Doyon Anvil’s Process Engineering Group provides specific solutions to meet your processing requirements.  We help clients optimize existing process facilities and install new process equipment for changing markets or product specifications. Our team brings significant expertise to New Facility Installations and Existing Facility Retrofits, Revamps, and Expansions.

New Facilities

Our experienced team can develop your new unit from concept through detailed design. We can work with your licensor, catalyst vendors, and technical experts to create an optimized design that meets the latest environmental and process safety requirements. You will receive personalized service from a team that follows the project from concept to reality. We have processing consultants to assist with all refinery units.

Existing Facility Retrofits, Revamps, and Expansions

We are revamp experts and have worked in every refinery unit. We can review your operations, identify problems, develop solutions, and engineer the best option. We can work within tight space, budget, and schedule constraints to provide a safe, optimal design that works. No job is too small, and it’s likely we’ve done a similar project.

Oil Refining Experience
  • Atmospheric and Vacuum Crude Fractionation
  • Delayed Coking
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Catalytic Reforming
  • Hydrocracking
  • Alkylation
  • Naphtha and Distillate Hydrotreating
  • Catalytic Polymerization
  • Isomerization
  • Light Ends Fractionation
  • Product Sweetening
  • Sour Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery
  • Storage & Handling
  • LPG
Oil & Gas Production Experience
  • Oil Gathering Systems (Drillsites and Pipelines)
  • Oil/Gas/Water Separation
  • Produced Water Treatment and Disposal
  • Export Facilities (Pumping, Compression, Metering Pipelines)
Process Engineering Services
  • Conceptual Planning & Economic Feasibility Studies
    – Long-range Plan Scoping and Budget Studies
    – Process Revamp Scoping Studies
    – Process Facility Studies
    – Process Technology Evaluation/Comparison/Selection
    – Energy Conservation Studies
  • FEL 1 & 2 Evaluations – licensed and non-licensed – we can work with your technology experts
  • Project Option Development
  • Process Design Basis Development
  • Simulation Modeling, Equipment Sizing
  • Process Flow Diagrams, Heat, Material and Utility Balance, P&IDs
  • Process and Utility Line List Development
  • Material Selection Diagram Development
  • Control Philosophy, Instrument and Valve Sizing Criteria
  • Process Design Services
    – Schedule “A” Package Preparation
    – Detailed Engineering
    – Advanced Control System Conceptualization
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) and HazOp Facilitation
    – Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Facilitation—Validation & Revalidation
    – Process Relief Valve and/or Relief System Auditing and Documentation
    – Technical Operations and Procedures Manual Preparation
    – Management of Change Operator Training
  • On-Site Support
    – Project Identification & Development Support
    – Process Design
    – Project Construction Checkout & Startup Assistance
    – Temporary Operations Support

Doyon Anvil’s Process Engineers each have direct availability to multiple productivity enhancing engineering software tools. Many of our engineers also have training and experience with additional programs. Our tools include:

  • Process Simulation Programs – PRO/II and HYSYS
  • Heat Exchanger Rating/Design
  • Hydraulic System Evaluation – AFT Fathom
  • Equipment Vendor Software
  • Proprietary Doyon Anvil Programs and Spreadsheets