Piping Design

Doyon Anvil’s Piping Design Group includes highly-talented people with extensive knowledge and experience in our industry.  Our designers understand “fit for purpose” design strategies for installing new facilities or modifying existing facilities.

Our Piping Designers are constantly training on the newest technologies available in plant design.  They stay current with emerging industry practices and trends – resulting in a blend of practical experience and innovative solutions.

Our Piping Designers are trained to work in a collaborative, multi-discipline 3D environment both internally and with our partners.  We have developed unique proprietary software solutions to integrate materials management and reporting with our 3D models.  We have extensive experience using our Laser Scanner data for complex piping projects, while providing just the right amount of detail necessary for smaller piping projects.

Our Piping Design services include:

  • Project Option Development from Concept through the Design Phase
  • Plant Equipment and Piping Layout
  • Laser Scanning
  • 3D Model Development
  • 3D Constructability and Sequencing
  • 3D Operational Support from Live Walkthroughs to Training Videos
  • 4D Construction/Scheduling Sequencing Animations
    – Graphic representations created to understand time-based processes
    – Foresee conflicts and study potential solutions
    – Animated models represent the planned construction sequence set against time
  • Project Construction and Fabrication Documents, including Plans, Isometrics, and Material Takeoffs
  • On-Site Engineering and Construction Support