Substation Design & Electrical Infrastructure

Substation Design & Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Doyon Anvil provides comprehensive designs for new or upgraded substations and components within a facility’s electrical distribution system. Our technical services range from early phase studies, option development, and project justifications through detailed design to factory and site acceptance testing and commissioning.

Our team has extensive experience with engineering specifications and detailed designs involving facility main substations, distribution substations, and utilization substations.

Doyon Anvil Services

Our electrical infrastructure upgrade engineering services are ideally suited to interface with client stage-gated project development processes. Services include procurement, project management, estimating, cost control, and scheduling. Technical engineering services incorporate:

  • Fit-for-purpose electrical system designs
  • Complete technical specification development
  • Electrical system modeling, protection, and coordination
  • Logistics planning and coordination
  • Constructability reviews
  • Detailed tie-in and cut-over planning for facility turnarounds and shutdowns
  • Comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing procedures and participation
Main Substations

Main Substations interface with your facility and the local Utility or Co-Generation plant and typically consist of a single voltage level. Services include:

  • Facility siting
  • Utility or co-generation interface
  • 15kV switchgear designs
  • Various bus configurations
  • Advanced digital relays and protection schemes
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
Distribution Substations

Distribution Substations serve various process units and consist of multiple voltage levels. Services include:

  • 15kV, 5kV, and 480V switchgear designs
  • Fast-bus or motor bus transfer
  • Pre-fabricated modules or stick-built, elevated, or at-grade designs
  • Captive motor starting and design
  • Optimal segregation of various process unit loads
  • Advanced digital relays and protections schemes
Utilization Substations

Utilization Substations directly feed process unit loads. Services include:

  • 5kV and 480V Motor Control Center (MCC) design
  • Comprehensive motor protection schemes
  • Designs suitable for classified or non-classified locations, including appropriate HVAC
  • Plot space optimization