Our corporate Quality Policy is to do the right things right to consistently fulfill commitments to our clients and ourselves.

Our Quality Goal is to deliver purposeful, consistent, repeatable, and trackable services, regardless of office location. We focus on meeting client requirements and ensuring mechanical integrity and system functionality by creating products that are designed to client and appropriate engineering practices.

Quality by Design

Doyon Anvil’s Corporate Project Services Quality System (PSQS) is a formal, ISO 9001:2000 based system that provides a mandatory structure for managing and documenting how we do our business. It defines our standard way of executing projects and how we ensure the quality of our work.

PSQS Key Elements

  • Develop a Doyon Anvil Project Plan (DAPP) for every project to identify Scope, Schedule, and Budget
  • Work to the approved DAPP
  • Monitor and track our performance against the DAPP
  • Identify and address changes to the DAPP
  • Check our Work
  • Control document versions
  • Learn from our experience

Measure Performance

We have established internal best practices and key performance indicators (KPIs). We track and report on the following KPIs:

  • Meet Engineering Budgets
  • Deliver Products on Time
  • Measure Quality
  • Provide Accurate TIC Estimates
  • Monitor Employee Turnover to ensure we retain satisfied/quality staff
  • Develop our staff

Learn and Continuously Improve

In addition, we learn from our experiences and continually improve our practices and products. Our Continuous Improvement tools include:

  • Internal continuous improvement memos
  • Quarterly Continuous Improvement newsletter
  • Internal wiki for design and historical information library
  • Lessons Learned database tool to help our teams apply lessons to future projects