Our company was founded on the solid principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, and professional competence – values that form long-term relationships with our employees and our clients. Doyon Anvil has adopted Anvil Corporation’s Code of Ethics (Our Code) that helps clarify these principles and our culture.


  • Perform quality engineering, procurement, and related services
  • Achieve recognition in our industry
  • Provide rewarding careers
  • Maintain financial strength
  • Operate consistent with our values, culture, and capabilities
  • Thrive long-term


  • Manage growth with long-term thinking
  • Conservatively manage our financial resources
  • Favor cooperative relationships
  • Emphasize strong talent and character in our employees
  • Wisely apply innovative technology
  • Strive to continuously improve and compete


We adhere to these principles:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Fairness and rationality
  • Safe and considerate behavior
  • Professional competence

Code of Ethics

Our Code defines Doyon Anvil’s standards of behavior. We expect this behavior from ourselves and our co-workers.  Therefore, it is important that every Doyon Anvil employee read and follow Our Code.

Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own behavior and how we represent Doyon Anvil.  Our reputation and future success depends on retaining Doyon Anvil’s reputation for honesty and integrity.  It is a priceless asset for all of us.

Doyon Anvil’s Board and Senior Management endorse Our Code and expect everyone at Doyon Anvil to act in ways consistent with its standards.  We also want our clients and those who work with us to feel comfortable to report behavior that does not reflect our culture.  Therefore, we have included a confidential way to voice concerns or report conduct that might break this Code.

Download Anvil’s Code of Ethics